An Old Journal Entry: More and Lots

December 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

“I walked out of the Met Towers on 57th street and lit a Nat Sherman. Everyone was staring at me. I had just gotten out of the shower and hadn’t spiked my mohawk, which I had recently bleached and died pink. I was wearing sweat pants, my bright yellow Troop 642 t-shirt from my days in the world’s most oppressive organization, a leather jacket and aviators. The bridge and tunnel crowd was out – Saturday in midtown – no one complains when they’re the Bennys. I overheard a woman say, ‘for sure, for sure’ and her daughter respond ‘if there ever was one!’ as they were walking passed me and I got paranoid that they were Jerseys who thought I was a homosexual. I went into Duane Reade to get some delicious beverages. I also bought almond m&ms. I walked back to the apartment and walked in the door. The doorman recognized me and asked how I was, which made me feel special. I opened the m&ms in the elevator on the way to the 50th floor and when I got back to Cora’s, I ate them with chopsticks. We talked about More and Lots for a while and we both admitted that we felt better, since we hadn’t talked about More and Lots in about a week.”

– May 20, 2006


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