On the Will

April 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Spinozan logic: either everything is caused by a thing before it, negating free will but allowing for order, or everything is the result of absolute randomness, allowing for neither will nor order. Which would you choose? #hobson’schoice

I was late once, a long time ago. Before then I was always on time. I would like to say it was an event of significance, perhaps the loss of my virginity to a zaftig and erudite woman, or the call of war, but I fear that it was something rather quotidian and uninteresting, for I cannot now even remember the event in question. All I know is that something threw me off those many years ago, something even improbably pedantic, and yet now, having made me ever so slightly later over so long a time, by the laws of time and causation, has cost me months, perhaps even years, in progress and I frequently find myself quite unsure of my location in the space-time continuum, even locally conceived.


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