Greatest Things in Life, Truncated.

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

There was a question on AskMetafilter a couple days ago called “What are the greatest life experiences I am missing out on?” The question was asking for examples of those little moments in life that make you realize just how awesome life is. Now, I am a sad and pessimistic person, Hobbesian even at times, and because of this, not in spite of, I decided to compile my own (partial) list of such experiences in my own life:

• Hiking to the Dark Angel (at the end of Arches National Park) during the sunrise.
• Walking from Wall Street to the north end of Central Park.
• Seeing the night sky in the middle of the Nevada desert.
• Sunset over the Bay Area from the top of a mountain on the outskirts of Oakland.
• Smoking a joint from the roof of an 80 story building in mid-town Manhattan.
• Sleeping in a hammock hanging over Timothy Lake.
• Drinking too much and getting naked with a room full of people and laughing about it.
• Having an original string quartet performed in one of the oldest music halls in the country.
• Singing for Pope John Paul II.
• Eating mushrooms in the forest with good friends.
• Eating mushrooms in Central Park with good friends.
• Sailing when the wind is high.
• Flying a plane.
• Zero gravity falls in a small aircraft.
• Threesomes.
• Watching the moon rise while sitting on top of Broken Arch and listening to the coyotes howl.
• Driving every major interstate all across the country.
• Having friends over to my place when my place was a van.
• Skinny dipping with friends in the Delaware and getting caught.
• Lying stoned on a blanket in the woods with friends and making up songs and singing them as loudly as we wished.
• Playing a rock show.
• Swimming in a kiddie pool full of JellO.
• Running down Broadway in only underpants after the first big snow storm of the winter.
• Soaking in hot springs with people you love.
• Hearing the Rite of Spring at the NY Phil.
• Riding naked on a bike with thousands of other naked people through downtown Portland.
• Practicing Kundalini with a Guru far out into the Arizona desert.
• Bonfire on a beach.
• Rolling down the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.
• The minute you see someone you drove all night to see.
• Getting caught in a late August thunderstorm in a park in Portland.
• Watching the fireworks from a rooftop on the Lower East Side while an African choir sings hymns.
• Eating a one pound chocolate chip cookie on a tropical island.
• Sitting on the edge of a cliff in the Canyonlands, knowing you are the only person around for at least 50 miles.
• Mongolian throat singers performing a free outdoor concert with Laurie Anderson in Brooklyn.
• Putting on a mime show.
• Saving the life of a young girl who was drowning.
• Hauling an eleven foot Steinway piano down a river into a remote natural amphitheater accessible only by boat and then hearing a performance on it by a world class pianist.
• Crashing a party at a really, really rich person’s mansion in Miami.
• Playing a funk show.
• Finishing Ulysses, Infinite Jest, The Man Without Qualities and Philosophical Investigations.
• Sneaking to the top of an abandoned grain cellar at night.
• Kissing a stranger.
• Eating a meal entirely made of things you found in the forest.
• A clear day in Eastern Montana.
• Using a waterfall as a waterslide.
• Seeing an old friend unexpectedly at an airport.
• Sporting a Mohawk and a leather jacket and not looking like a tool.
• Drinking very fine scotch.
• Seeing David, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, The Starry Night.
• Touching a moon rock.
• Falling in love, and in love again.


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